Anna Olson Ceramics
Handmade in Perthshire - Ceramic Artist

About Me

I have always had a fascination with arts and crafts from as early as I can remember. I learnt to knit and crochet and turned my hand to all sorts of crafts, baking, needlework, lace making, tatting, weaving, macramé, patchwork and much much more, this was the ‘70’s! I was even given a toy potters wheel as I adored the potter’s workshops we would visit during our family holidays. I would be mesmorised by the process of throwing.

Growing up in a suburb of Nottingham was far removed from my dreams of having a café and craft shop and the nearest I got, thanks to the advise of a school careers teacher, was a catering and hotel management diploma followed a food marketing degree! After graduating I gained a very colourful career history which led to BBC Birmingham and the programme ‘Countryfile’.

In 2003 I made a hard decision, and left the best job I’d had, to move up to Glasgow and in with my now husband, Neil. From there and with Neil’s support I had the chance to explore and potentially fulfill my creative dreams, an incredibly exciting and daunting prospect! I took another deep breath and embarked on a national certificate in Ceramic Art in the Environment. With the support and teaching of a first class tutor I applied for, and was accepted onto the Ceramic Degree course at the Glasgow School of Art in 2005. As timing would have it I became pregnant with my first child and have since set aside the studying to concentrate on being mum to my two gorgeous children. I have also set up my business as a ceramicist. I am never without a fistful of ideas, developments on from existing pieces, new projects, techniques… the mind is brimming! The only limit is time, and money!

During my studies I focused mainly on making hand-built sculptural pieces, fascinated with contradictions and contrasts and heavily influenced by the natural world and the beauty, intrigue and detail it presents. I am still keen to develop this body of work. I never let go of my fascination with the process of throwing and the beautifully fluid forms it can produce. I am mainly self-taught on the wheel, having had a little guidance along the way but it is something I am always developing, like many things.

A year after having our first child we moved to Crieff, Perthshire. I understudied with Len Whatley at Crieff Ceramics producing hand thrown tableware and have since set up a workshop at home producing decorative and functional tableware, both hand-built and hand thrown, as well as unusual handcrafted ceramic jewellery which developed from a commission. My leather and ceramic jewellery brings together my love of ceramics and my interest in knot and rope work. Constantly experimenting, developing and expanding my ranges, every piece is carefully considered and I like to think a dynamic and unique work of art.

Thank you for reading, Anna

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